How online consultations will work

COVID-19 announcement

In light of the recent pandemic of SARS Cov-2 these rooms would like to offer existing patients the opportunity to consult online.

Perhaps we can save you a trip?

Repeat scripts

please phone in with all the details of your most recent medication from all Drs. If seen in the recent 12 months we will, where safe, rescript and assist you. Usual published professional service fee will apply.

Follow-up consultations

You will be given a dedicated time slot and password for your consultation by my staff sent by SMS.

Current Bookings will be screened 2 days before and If we identify that your case is suitable for a tele-consultation my staff offer this to you.

Recommended by Medical Aids

The HPCSA and several medical aids are sensibly encouraging this form of limiting physical consultation. If yours doesn't, you accept that this professional service fee one is for your own account.

We will be using ZOOM for online consultations

Downoad the ZOOM app here

How our online consulting will work:

You will need a decent line for video, a PC or smart phone on WiFi or LTE, a free copy of Zoom already loaded and setup.

I will only use the Zoom platform. Not Skype Not facebook Not facetime Not Webex.

Please test your system on a friend before we share this time? We can not offer IT support.

For Visits requiring special investigations soon, this service would be of little value so please come in as scheduled as usual. OR reschedule a physical when this blows over.

Your use of this tele-service is on the clear understanding that Dr Routier and his staff can not offer encryption or guarantee privacy in this process, across a public network, in any way. 

Your connection and use will mean that you have thought about it and provide your consent to any confidentiality risk beyond our control.

As we trial this system your understanding will be appreciated. Similarly with emergencies, Eskom or network issues that result in delays or even re-scheduling.

Physical visits: Netcare Olivedale will screen you and your accompanying family - before allowing access to theHospital building. So bring only one and be nice to the staff doing the screening. Coffee shop is closed.

We respect the standing Government regulation on the day.